Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars are defined as any short- or long-term research scholar such as post-doc research fellows, research associates and student interns.

Visiting scholars and their faculty/department sponsor(s) should review the CDC requirements for travel to and within the United States.


For those fully vaccinated, testing 3-5 days after arriving to the U.S is highly recommended and to follow precautions of mask wearing and social distancing until a negative test is received, but no quarantine period is required.


For those granted an exception to travel internationally and are unvaccinated, a 7-day self-quarantine is required with testing 3-5 days after arriving to the U.S.  The 7-day quarantine is to be completed, even with a negative test.  If not tested, quarantine is for 10 days.


Student Health Services normally just sees students but offers COVID-19 testing following international travel to visiting scholars. Call Student Health (573-341-4284) or email ( to schedule a testing appointment for 3-5 days after arriving to the U.S. Any charges for testing are payable at the time of the visit.  Student Health Services will need the scholars name, date of birth, local address, and phone number to make that appointment.

You can find more information related to insurance and insurance services here.

For emergent healthcare services:

For acute/urgent healthcare services, the following locations offer walk-in services for acute illness and injuries:

The above clinics also offer primary care and some specialty services by appointment.