Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars are defined as any short- or long-term research scholar such as post-doc research fellows, research associates and student interns.

Currently, only enrolled students can be seen at Student Health Services. Please see below for information regarding medical care in Rolla and health insurance. Please contact Student Health if you have questions regarding health insurance or healthcare in the community.

Insurance options for scholars:

  • Missouri S&T Employee Benefits Plan: Available to visiting scholars who are offered benefits through their hosting department. Contact your hosting department for information about how to sign up. Missouri S&T provides different insurance options for employees, but please note that not all options meet the minimum policy requirements for J-1 exchange visitors. Please reach out to for more information. You will also be required to purchase an additional medical evacuation and repatriation plan. Anthem GEO Blue offers this additional insurance.  
  • Anthem Health Student/Scholar Insurance Plan: This plan covers all of the insurance requirements. You will be eligible to enroll for monthly terms. J-2 visas (spouses and children) cannot be covered by Anthem unless the J-1 is also covered by Anthem. Please reach out to for more information.
  • All other plans must be approved prior to purchase to ensure they meet the J1 Federal requirements. Please send your plans to for review. 



For emergent healthcare services:

For acute/urgent healthcare services, the following locations offer walk-in services for acute illness and injuries:

The above clinics also offer primary care and some specialty services by appointment. 

Please visit the CDC and the U.S. Department of State websites for the most up to date information for travelers for the area you will be visiting.

Faculty and staff traveling internationally are encouraged to see their primary care healthcare provider prior to travel. If specific travel vaccinations or medications are needed that they do not provide, the following locations offer travel vaccinations and medications:

MU Healthcare Travel Clinic

Passport Health

CDC yellow fever vaccinations sites in Missouri

State Health Departments - some offer travel vaccinations (not Phelps County HD):  St Charles County Health Department.