Frequently Asked Questions

We are open Monday - Friday. Please see our home page for current hours. We are closed on weekends, the week of Christmas, and on official University holidays. Please click here for a list of after hours clinics.

To ensure short wait times and that we are appropriately staffed, Student Health currently sees students by appointment, but will not turn away those who walk in to be seen for an acute illness or injury.

We pride ourselves on getting patients evaluated and back to class as quickly as possible.  If you are in a hurry, we recommend you avoid coming early in the morning (between 8:00AM to 9:00 AM) and during lunch (11:00AM to 1:00PM).  Outside of those busy times, the wait is usually minimal.   We tend to be busier on Mondays and Fridays.

Student Health will only provide a document that the student was in the health center on the date and time of the visit only. We do not provide documentation for prior or future dates. We cannot release any details of the visit, including diagnosis and treatment. The student must be present when the verification is written and is responsible for delivering the document.

We do not have the authority to exempt students from classes or exams. That is up to the discretion of the professor.

The student health fee covers visits with our providers.   Insurance is not necessary to be seen at Student Health and there is no copay to see the providers.  However, we recommend that every student carry health insurance to help cover emergencies and services that are not provided by Student Health.

If you need blood work, X-Rays, a referral to a specialist, etc., we can discuss whether to bill your insurance or whether you want to pay out of pocket.

Yes, all students are required to pay the student health fee.  While the student health fee covers visits with our providers, it also covers much more.   The student health fee also provides funding for Student Well-Being and Student Accessibility and Testing.  These funds help provide a variety of wellness programs for and on the campus.  Additionally, to ensure a safe environment for all, Student Health is responsible for overseeing the immunization and tuberculosis policies on campus.  Even if you never step foot in the Student Health Complex, you will experience the benefits of the student health fee at some point.   

Please note the student health fee is NOT INSURANCE.  We recommend every student carry health insurance to help cover emergencies and services not provided by Student Health.

Students can purchase health insurance through Anthem Student Advantage.  

In addition to access to provider services, the student health fee provides you to access to reduced prices for many labs and medications - which can be paid in cash or billed to Joe’SS.  We also accept Visa, Discover Card, and Master Card. 

Please note that IEP Students (Intensive English Program) are required to pay for all charges at the time of visit.  IEP students cannot bill charges to Joe'SS.  

We charge a nominal fee for the following:

  • Some prescription medications (some medications are no charge, others cost between $5-$35)
  • Blood work and other tests (like pap smears, cultures, blood counts, etc.)
  • Some orthopedic splints, braces, and other medical devices
  • Immunizations
  • Wart removal and other special procedures

By law, Student Health cannot disclose any medical information to another person without written consent signed by the patient -- this includes spouses and parents if the student is over the age of 18.

If you want us to provide information to a parent, spouse, or your health care provider back home, please let us know and we will be happy to do so. 

If you were to incur a charge and choose to put it on Joe’SS, it will be posted as “student health charge”.  It will not specify what the charge is for.

If your child is 18 or older, they are a legal adult; therefore, their privacy is protected by confidentiality laws.  Legally, we cannot even disclose whether or not the student has been seen at Student Health.

We understand that having a sick child can be very scary for a parent, but at the same time we must assure privacy for our patients and also follow the law.  

Your child is the best source of information in this situation.    

If you know your child is coming to Student Health and you would like to speak to our staff, the best thing to do is ask them to fill out a medical release form while they are in our office.  We will be happy to speak with you as soon as we are granted permission.

Student Health functions as an urgent care clinic.  Our mission is to take care of you if you are to get sick or injured while you are on campus. 

We do not take the place of your primary care provider, and do not manage chronic medical problems.

We have four health care providers on staff at Student Health. Patients will see either a Physician, Family Nurse Practitioner, or a Physician Assistant. Patients can choose which provider they see and can request to see the physician at any time.

Nurse Practioners (NP) and Physician Assistants (PA) graduate from accredited educational programs. They are nationally certified and state licensed to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician. NP and PA's examine, diagnose, and treat patients. They are able to write prescriptions and order diagnostic testing.

Student Health only takes care of students that have paid the student health fee.  We do not take care of family members, friends that are not enrolled at S&T, visiting scholars, faculty or staff.

No, Student Health does not accept Worker's Compensation cases.  For campus work-related injuries, please follow these instructions  Worker's Compensation and Risk Insurance.