Student Athlete Insurance Information

 Dear Parent/Student Athlete:

Athletes competing in intercollegiate athletics assume risk of injury.  Sport related accident insurance is provided by our institution for the benefit of our student-athletes and provides secondary insurance for your son/daughter for injuries sustained while participating in an authorized practice or game. We provide this coverage as a secondary insurance policy onlyPlease note that this is an injury-only policy and will not apply to non-injury related medical expenses. Only injuries sustained in an approved practice, training or competition will be considered for secondary insurance coverage.

In the event of a covered injury, claims will be filed first with your insurance company, as it is the primary insurance that provides coverage to your student athlete.  After the primary insurance has paid all available benefits, the University’s secondary insurance claims adjustor will consider for payment any remaining deductible and copay amounts up to the limitations of the policy. It is important that you forward any billing statements, explanation of benefit letters (EOB) and receipts to the Patient Accounts Representative at Student Health either by mail at 910 W. 10th St, Rolla, MO 65409 or by email to or by fax at 573-341-4686 as soon as possible. Any delay in sending this information could result in your athlete’s account processing being delayed and possibly being turned over to collections by the provider. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Patient Accounts Representative.

All athletic injuries must be reported to the athlete’s athletic trainer when they occur. Subsequent care will be coordinated by the Missouri S&T sports medicine team.  If the athlete seeks medical attention on their own without prior approval by our sports medicine team, expenses may not be covered by the secondary insurance. Similarly, if the athlete chooses a service, procedure or provider that is out of network and/or not covered by their primary insurance, the secondary insurance may not apply and the medical expenses incurred in this situation may be the sole responsibility of the athlete.

Please notify your health insurance company that you have a dependent child who is enrolled at Missouri S&T in Rolla, MO and ask if there is anything you need to submit to them so the dependent is covered outside of your area such as requesting a temporary guest membership for an HMO policy. If required by the primary insurance the student athlete will need to return home for the primary insurance to be in effect.  S&T secondary insurance requires the student athlete to utilize their in-network providers before they will consider coverage.

Please submit a copy of the front and back of your insurance card to Student Health Services by uploading it to the patient portal at The portal is preferred but you may also submit it by mail at 910 W. 10th St, Rolla, MO 65409 or by fax at 573-341-4686.  Athletes are responsible for keeping insurance information current and failure to do so may delay care and insurance claim processing.

The Patient Account Representative will communicate with the student athlete by secure messaging, so be sure to watch for an email in your S&T inbox that will direct you to the student health portal.

Any payments received by you for an athlete’s injury must be applied to the student-athlete’s bill. To do otherwise is a violation of NCAA rules and may declare your son/daughter ineligible for athletic participation.