Sports Medicine

Mission statement

The Missouri S&T Sports Medicine Program seeks to provide cutting-edge healthcare that is organized, professional, and efficient as to ensure that our student-athletes can maintain a high quality of life and continue to achieve academic success.


About MISSOURI S&T sports medicine

The Missouri S&T Sports Medicine team consists of three full time athletic trainers,  four intern athletic trainers, an in-house team doctor, an orthopedic nurse, and an insurance coordinator.  Our Sports Medicine team works closely with two orthopedic surgeons that are employed by Phelps Health.  Our Sports Medicine team works under Student Health Services.  This allows for us to work closer with a medical team and helps us to be recognized as health care professionals.

We have three athletic training rooms that we utilize.  The Kaczmarek Sports Medicine Facility is in the Student Health Complex and is primarily used for rehabilitation. The Athletic Training Room in the Gale Bullman multipurpose building is used for pre- and post- practice treatments for indoor sports. Finally, we have an Athletic Training Room located in the football fieldhouse which is used primarily for all football pre- and post- practice treatments.

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New Student Athletes

Welcome to S&T Sports Medicine! View the New Student Athlete Letter.

Click here to complete forms on patient portal. 

Our physical process is very thorough and will be scheduled by your coach and athletic trainer. Before we do your physical we need all athletes to fill out the forms that are posted on their student portal.  If you have had any surgery or fractures in the last five years we need the records before you arrive for your physical.  During the physical process you will have a regular physical exam, an orthopedic screening, an EKG, an ImPACT test, and a sickle cell test if you have not already had one.  It takes two days to get the results back from the sickle cell test and you cannot participate until then, so please have this done before you get to campus. If you have any questions please contact your athletic trainer.

Returning Student Athletes

At the start of every year we need all athletes to submit a copy of their most recent insurance card.  You can email a copy to your athletic trainer and/or put it on Front Rush. You also need to fill out the yearly medical appraisal form on Front Rush.

Also, please notify your athletic trainer if you have changed the dosage of any medications you are taking or started taking a new medication.

Visiting Athletic Trainer Information

Football: Two ATCs will be present at all games.  There will be at least one doctor on the home team sideline at each game. An ambulance will be available at the northeast gate during the game.  The following will be provided at each game:  AED, crutches, splints, water, cups, towels, ice, ice bags/wrap, biohazard bag, sideline table. Hot packs will be available outside the visiting team locker room.

All other sports: At least one ATC will be present at all home games. The following will be provided at each game:  AED, crutches, splints, water, cups, towels, ice, ice bags/wrap, hot packs. 

Towels for the teams to shower will NOT be provided by our staff. If you are not sending an athletic trainer with your team please notify our staff and send a fully stocked kit with the supplies the athletes will need. If there is something that is not listed that you will need please contact the host ATC.

Visiting team practices are not typically covered by our staff.  Please contact the host ATC to ensure you have everything you need.

For other health services you may need while visiting:

Phelps Health

  • 1000 West 10th St. – 573-458-8899

Rolla Urgent Care/ Rolla Family Clinic

Walgreens Pharmacy

  • 120 S Bishop Ave, Rolla, MO 65401 – (573) 426-3338

CVS Pharmacy

  • 500 Bishop Ave N, Rolla, MO 65401 – (573) 308-4887


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Student Workers

Student Paraprofessionals will assist the Certified Athletic Trainers in the preparation and coverage of all Missouri S&T athletics team practices and competitions. Some duties may include but are not limited to: ensuring athletes have adequate hydration, activating the EMS based upon our emergency action plan (EAP), and any other tasks under the supervision or direction of the Certified Athletic Trainer or Sports Medicine Staff.  Student Paraprofessionals are expected to be made available for the entire length of athletic events.  This includes pre-game preparations (water, field set up etc.) and post-game clean up and treatments. 

All students are encouraged to apply.

Work hours will be determined by Missouri S&T athletics practice schedules, events, and must be able to work some weekends. Students are allowed 20 hours work a week while school is in session and 40 hours work a week when school is not in session.

Will Baum M.AT, ATC, LAT, PES, CES

Head Athletic Trainer

(c) 314-580-2973 (f) 573-341-6721 (e)



All S&T Student Athletes being treated for ADHD are required to submit the following form: NCAA Medical Exception Documentation Reporting Form to Support the Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Treatment with Banned Stimulant Medication

NCAA ADHD Reporting Form

2014-15 Drug-Testing Exceptions Procedures