Allergy Injections

Student Health nurses will administer allergy injections for students who provide serum & dosing instruction from their allergist.

Patients must read and sign the Allergy Consent

Students must remain at Student Health for 30 minutes after injection, in case of a severe reaction.
   Please do not come for your injection if you cannot stay 30 minutes for monitoring. Allergy shots will not be given after 4PM

Allergy shots are offered on a walk in basis - no appointment needed.  However, we recommend avoiding the hours of 11:00AM - 1:00PM due to longer wait times. 

If you miss doses, we will have to contact your allergist for instructions before we can administer your next dose.  Allergy injections are $30 per semester at student health, and you will be charged a $5 administrative fee each time we need to contact your allergist due to lateness.