What if Student Health Services is closed?

Missouri S&T Student Health strongly recommends students carry personal medical insurance for services you may need when we are not open, or those beyond our scope of practice. In the unfortunate event that we cannot care for your needs, it may very well cost a bundle in the private market.

If you should require care outside SHS clinic hours, you may seek care at an urgent care center, the emergency department at Phelps County Regional Medical Center or private physicians office of your own choosing at your own expense-which is why we recommend you carry insurance. Some insurance companies offer an advice line for clients to call if you need help to decide if you should seek care immediately or what to do to wait till an appropriate level of care is available. Before you go somewhere that charges, take a look at our Self-Care Section of this web site. In fact, you probably could save a trip by looking there before you actually come to our clinic.

If you require medical care outside our scope of practice, we will refer you to an appropriate source, at your expense. SHS does not bill third parties, but we do try to work within the confines of each individual’s policy. A word to the wise-you should carry a card or a legible copy of your insurance with you or keep it easily accessible.