Student Health offers STD testing on a walk in basis; however we advise avoiding the hours of 11:00AM – 1:00PM due to longer wait times.

You may specify that you would like to see a male or a female provider, if one is available. 

Annual STD testing is recommended for the following high risk people:

  1. Women under 25 that are sexually active
  2. Women age 25+ that have multiple partners
  3. Men that have sex with men
  4. Any individual with STD symptoms (burning with urination, penile discharge, pelvic pain etc.)
  5. Individuals with a partner that has tested positive for an STD. 

Your healthcare provider will review your history and make recommendations for testing.  Common tests performed at Student Health are:

  • Urine test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. If you receive oral or anal sex, a swab for Gonorrhea may be obtained.
  • Blood test for HIV and Syphilis*

*HIV and Syphillis testing are provided at no charge to the student.   Other tests can be billed directly to the patient, to insurance, or to Joe'ss.  

Results are usually available within 10 days.  Results will be uploaded to your secure Patient Portal.  If you test positive, we will ask you to come back to Student Health for treatment. 

Please keep in mind that while gettting regular tests for STD's and condoms make sex SAFER, it is never risk free. 

Learn more about sexual health.